People always ask to her “Hey, what does it mean?”, but this kind of question is, unfortunately, in a way, a silly question for her.

But what it can say for sure is that this work is based on her life history.
For this reason, this work took a long period to produce. And this project is still ongoing. (#2 and #3 will out in the future)

The contents of this project are not always in line with her life’s timeline. But track 4 “16.3.5 (Unknown?)”, which comes from her childhood memories & experiences, not just using the beautiful “Für Elise” motif.

A lot of secret are hiding in this project.
You will find the secrets or absolutely no … but you know, if someone can find it so easily, it can’t be secret anymore.
You listen more and more, and you will know or understand or more confused… This is like a way of the “Gestaltzerfall”.

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Madam M.A's new mini album L.D.L #1 will be released on 20.12.2019