Madam M.A(Akari Mazda)

Madam M.A

Experimental Artist in Music/Photo&Makeup/Film field
Japanese Language Teacher

Born in Sapporo, Japan. Now based in Sweden.
Her music life started at a very early period. At 3 years old, she began to play some musical instruments and made performances in public as a little pianist.
When she was 6 years old, she won an Outstanding Performance Award at the national piano competition of piano and met Yoshinao Nakada who is famous as a Japanese composer and pianist.
While a student of the Faculty of Design (Media Design) at Sapporo City University, she was in some Rock/Metal/Visual-kei-rock bands as a keyboardist and composer, and also learned how to be transformed using makeup techniques by herself. She started to make photographs/movies when she was a university student too.
Music, Film, Photograph, Makeup… her working style which is mixed with all these elements and doing all by herself began to be established when she graduated from the university.
In 2015, she made an experimental music video “[13.1-9+19+13] Vol.01” and it has been shown at more than 10 international film festivals in Europe and USA, nominated and won awards. In the same year, she started to travel as a backpacker and decided to work on her new art project, she traveled to 9 countries in Europe alone for more than 3 months.
In 2016, after she was back in Japan, she published a media book “[3+20]” which is a travel book, the memory of history, photographs, soundtrack music, and makeup. It was sold in some bookstores and online.
Her journey still continues and she keeps learning.


M.A Films


M.A Films was founded in October 2011. Almost videos and films are all made by only Akari Mazda (Madam M.A). ( Director, Producer, Actors, Music, Art, Script, Camera, Editor, Animator…e.t.c )


  • Japanese ★★★★★
  • English ★★★★☆
  • Italian ★★★☆☆
  • Polish ★★★☆☆
  • German ★★☆☆☆
  • Swedish ★★☆☆☆
  • Norwegian ★☆☆☆☆
  • Spanish ★☆☆☆☆

*I teach Japanese online.
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