If you’ve listened her music already, you must have noticed that she uses a lot kind of sounds.
Let’s hear the voice from Madam M.A directly.

(M.A’s talking)
When I was a child, I started to make a small song by the piano, that was the first experience of my composing.

I have various ways to compose the songs.
For example, sometimes I use only synthesiser (keyboard), or sometimes I use only my MIDI key and computer sampler’s sound.
This time (when I made “L.D.L #1”), I used various ways again as usual.

My ideas come up from my old experiences, also some ideas come up suddenly so I write down them to the piece of papers like a memo pad. I don’t write down to my smartphone or computer, because if I do that I’m very easy person to forget.
The ideas are based on a lot of materials, for example, my dreams, the sound (environment sound) what I heard, numbers, stories what I read, or sometimes the melodies drop down into my head.

After I wrote down a lot of idea-memos, I started to write down on my composing-notebook “rough scores”.
“Rough scores” are also a kind of idea-memos, but they are more concrete.
Honestly it depends on my feeling if I write down “rough score” to notebook or no. Sometimes I start recording as soon as I get a rough ideas.
When I did the recording, I recorded my synthesiser’s playing directly, also some samplers with using MIDI keyboard. Not only these ways, I recorded the playing of my guitar, voice, piano, some traditional instruments, bell etc. my own, and noise sound.
And to use several environment sound, I did field recording also.

As I say “All sounds can be music.”, so I don’t choose the limited way.
I would continue to explore and adopt new methods to my works.

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Madam M.A's new mini album L.D.L #1 will be released on 20.12.2019