You can see that the cover design is simple.
But sometimes simplicity can mean very complicated.

L.D.L #1

(M.A’s talking)
I used manicure and my hand, then I drew on the paper directly.
After that, this simple paint became a digital data.

It seems like you can see simply white and black/dark blue color. But actually I used a lot of colours, and stacked the colours again and again like the layers, or it also can say that it’s like the history of my life.
And this three white lines… for me, three is something like interesting number, but at the same time it’s also weird.

The life wouldn’t be simple so much like you think, but it can be complex actually, and this is the one of the theme of “L.D.L #1”. So I expressed the theme of this project also to my album cover design.

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Madam M.A